Quality Management System Policy - ISO 9001: 2015

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is one of the most recognized Building Management System companies in South-Africa. We pride ourselves by providing systems which increase sustainability and ensure cost effective work procedures. Our services include sales, engineering, intallation, commissioning, service, integration and project management for automation systems which include: BMS Networking, HVAC Control, Systems Integration and Energy Management.

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd strives to develop customized, cost-effective, user-friendly, superior building management solutions through state of the art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships which suit the client.

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is committed to the implementation and continuation of a Quality Management System which will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that customer satisfaction has been met.

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is committed t oachieveing ISO 9001: 2015 compliance by implementing an adequate Quality Management System. By compliance with the standard. Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd will be able to provide customers with consistent and reliable productss and services.

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd's objectives will be to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct internal audits.

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is committed to providing automation solutions which will make data available for monitoring the usage of energy, reduce the energy required on your site, save on running costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

With this Quality Management System in place, Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd will strive to ensure customer satisfaction.