Optimal Control Systems cc was formed in November 1993. The company re-registered as a (PTY) Ltd in 2020

Our team brings together a multitude of experience and knowledge in building system management and applications. The company at present employs +-35 permanent staff members, and also makes use of specialist suppliers as required.

Optimal Control Systems’ management strategy is strictly hands-on, therefore enhancing the quality and planned completion of projects.

At Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd we offer service level agreements, geared to meet every budget, with every project which has been completed. We have factory trained personnel who are available to ensure that the integrity of the BMS systems installed stays intact.

Remote login to existing real time systems or site visits are available to demonstrate installed BMS systems by Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd and can be arranged upon request.

Performance, credit references and guarantees are available from our bankers and suppliers.

Our service includes sales, engineering, installation, commissioning, service, integration and project management for automation systems. The system includes:

  • BMS Networking
  • HVAC Control
  • Systems Integration
  • Energy Management
  • People Counting
  • Intelligent Building Systems - As an introduction, we encourage interested parties to visit our website: www.optimalcontrolsystems.com

These systems are to be found in virtually every type of non-residential building from schools, hospitals, leisure facilities, office blocks, shops and factories

Building Management Systems are used to increase sustainability and ensure cost effective working procedures.

Vision Statement
  • To log vital trends - Making data available in monitoring the usage of energy.
  • To save on energy - Reducing the energy required on your site.
  • To save on costs - Saving you running costs.
  • To go green - Reducing your carbon footprint.
Mission Statement

We strive to develop a customized, cost effective, user friendly, superior building management solution through state of the art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships that suit you, your needs will inevitably save on running costs and assist in helping to save the environment.

BEE Recognition
Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is an Accredited Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.
Company Profile
Our vision, mission statement, values, goals and objectives.

The integrity of Optimal Control Systems is the key to the existence and longevity of this company.

Optimal Control Systems always aims to be transparent, honest, reliable and ethical.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal and objective is two tiered:

  1. Our first goal is to give our customers the very latest technology available in our field. This we will achieve by keeping up with the current trends and by continuously investing in our technicians by sending them on training courses available, including up to date in-house training offered by the engineers in their field.
  2. Our second goal is to increase the service offered. This will be achieved in the form of technical support and routine maintenance. We currently have a large service department that continuously grows, to offer you the after sales and service in order to take care of your initial investment. Our remote login to clients systems improves the turn around time in understanding day to day issues concerning the client base.