Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd was founded in 1993. The engineering team brings together a multitude of experience and knowledge in Building Management Systems and Applications. Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd's management strategy is strictly hands on, therefor enhancing the quality and planned completion of projects. At Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd, we pride ourselves in offering service level agreements for past, current and new projects. Factory trained and experienced staff is available to ensure continued systems integrity of all installations.

Our Vision Statement
  • Log Vital Trends - Make data available in monotoring the usage of energy.
  • Save Energy - Reduce the energy required on a site.
  • Save Costs - Reduce the running costs of a site.
  • Go Green - Reduce the carbon footprint of a site.
Our Mission Statement

Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd strives to develop a customized, cost-effective, user-friendly, superior building management solution through state of art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships that suits the clients. By choosing Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd for a building management solution, the client will inevitably save on running costs and assist in helping save the environment.

BEE Recognition
Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is an Accredited Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.
Our Values

The integrity of Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is the key to the existence and longevity of the company. Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd always aims to be transparent, honest, reliable and ethical with any work requested by the client.

Our Business Objectives

The first objective of Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is to give clients the very latest technology available in the Building Management System Industry. This will be achieved by keeping up with the latest trends and continuosly investing in our technicians with many years of experience by sending them on the latest training courses available, including up to date in-house training offered by engineers in the Building Management System Industry. The second objective of Optimal Control Systems (PTY) Ltd is to increase the value of service offered. This will be achieved in the form of technical support by the qualified Building Management System Engineers in the company and routine maintenance by the qualified Building Management System Service Technicians.